Shannon Fisher has been working in the fields of Writing, Community Relations, and Public Relations for more than twenty years. During that time, she has become an immensely effective communicator and liaison. Having had extensive interaction with government officials, celebrities, and the general public, Shannon has partnered with government agencies, private corporations, advertising/public relations agencies, nonprofit organizations, and military officers. Navigating these connections has taught her how to tailor messages to specific audiences, speak their language, and create material that really packs a punch.

Raising awareness of important issues facing Americans, Shannon delves deeply into the topics that matter today. Her informative journalism and social and political commentary has appeared in a long list of national, international, and regional publications, including Newsweek, Forbes, PBS, The Huffington Post, The Richmond Times Dispatch, BuzzFeed, Yahoo News, Golf Course Architecture, The Raw Story, and The Chronicle of Social Change. Her pieces are frequently selected by local and national news aggregators as being relevant to today’s national headlines.

In addition to her published work, Shannon’s pitches, proposals, award entries, and media advisories have won much national recognition for her clients. She has written well over a thousand press releases, essays, articles, speeches, website content, newsletters, marketing plans, advertising copy, marketing materials, pitches, and proposals. One of her pieces was even selected to be part of a writing textbook. Thanks to two decades of experience, Shannon is comfortable discussing just about any topic in any forum and crafting a message customized for maximum impact.


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