Shannon Fisher is the host of Our Lives with Shannon Fisher on the Authors on the Air Radio Global Network. She is also among a small team of hosts of the National Press Club’s Update-1 podcast, which addresses issues in the media as they relate to current events. Prior to Our Lives, Shannon hosted The Authentic Woman on AOTA.

Interviewing well-known public figures and everyday Janes and Joes, Shannon explores the lives of writers, artists, community leaders and celebrities. Her interviews are often poignant and revealing. Our Lives with Shannon Fisher explores nearly every aspect of the American experience: society, politics, career, family, finance, spirituality, creative expression and sexuality. Shannon offers a sounding board from which guests can dish about their lives, their work, their joys and their struggles.

A seasoned public speaker and performer, Shannon Fisher has worked with Universal Studios, PBS, The Theatre of Note, The Richmond Art Theatre, and The Music Theatre of Southern California. She was trained in Dramatic Vocal Techniques and Method Acting by John Goodlin, Classical and Shakespeare Acting by Jerry Bledsoe, and she has studied with Glenn Close, Vanessa Redgrave, Victoria Wyndham, and Charles Keating. While Shannon has not performed on a stage in more than a decade, she uses her training every day delivering speeches, emceeing live events, conducting interviews, hosting shows, and moderating panels.

Podcasts of her previously-aired shows are available on iTunes.

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