Shannon Fisher has been working in the field of Public and Community Relations for nearly twenty years.  Every professional role she has played has required extensive interaction with clients and the public. Through the years, Shannon has become an expert communicator and an immensely effective liaison (public and private) for groups and individuals.  She has planned and managed several community involvement programs and has the ability to effectively relate to many diverse groups.

Knowing how to package messages within an organization, between organizations, to the community, and to the press is important – and Shannon speaks all of these languages fluently. She is highly skilled in customizing content toward a wide variety of audiences. Shannon has worked with government agencies, private corporations, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, nonprofit organizations, individuals, military officers, and students. Having handled many sensitive and classified matters, Shannon is extremely adept at negotiating and resolving conflict.

A seasoned public speaker with direct, straightforward, and sincere delivery, Shannon has delivered presentations to clients, legislators, students, and the community for years. She is comfortable discussing just about any topic in any forum.