Shannon Fisher is the host of two radio shows, The Authentic Woman and Our Lives with Shannon Fisher, on the Authors on the Air Radio Global Network. She is also among a small team of hosts of the National Press Club’s Update-1 podcast, which addresses issues in the media as they relate to current events. The Authentic Woman is the number one show on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

Her social and political commentary delves deeply into the issues that matter most to Americans, and her interviews with public figures are often poignant and revealing. Shannon’s work has been published in a wide variety of international, national, and regional publications including PBS, The Huffington Post (Politics, Entertainment, and Parents), MediaShiftPress.orgBlue Virginia, The Progress-Index, Golf Course Architecture (and ghost bylines in many golf magazines, including By Design, The BoardRoom Magazine, Club Management, and World Golf), BuzzFeed, MediumThe Daily Kos, Style Weekly, The Richmond Times Dispatch, and the Chronicle of Social Change.



A dedicated advocate for the safety, rights, and equality of women and girls, Shannon serves on the Board of Directors for, a national 501(c)(3) advocacy organization, where she co-founded the organization’s Unite Against Rape campaign. For this national awareness campaign, Shannon enlisted the participation of a multitude of legislators, celebrities, and everyday men and women.

Shannon received a B.A. from The College of William and Mary, where she studied public policy, public speaking, sociology, and performing arts. She is a graduate of the year-long Political Leaders Program at the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at The University of Virginia. Shannon has continued her education with courses in Journalism for Social Change at the University of California, Berkeley, and Investigative Journalism at Columbia University.

Raising awareness of important human rights, sociological, political, and health issues is Shannon’s raison d’être. She was named a “Woman who Inspires” by Svaha USA and among the “Richmonders of the Year” by Style Weekly Magazine for her activism in women’s rights. Shannon Fisher loves to explore the human experience and strives to enact positive change in the world – one day, one issue, and one person at a time.

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